Frog Level History of Buildings

See Map for exact location and boundaries.   Complete history of the Frog Level and how it started.

Interesting Frog Level History of it’s Buildings:

Roughly bounded by Commerce and Boundary streets on the south, Water Street and-Richland Creek on
the north, rear property lines of Depot Street buildings on the east. and 80 Commerce Street on the west.

Historic Frog Level BuildingsThe Frog Level Historic District in Waynesville, the county seat of Haywood County, North Carolina, comprises approximately five acres. The district is northwest of Main Street, downhill from the county courthouse, and occupies a low lying area centered around Richland Creek and the railroad tracks. While there were some businesses located along Main Street that pre-dated the arrival of the railroad, most of Main Street developed concurrently with Frog Level once the train arrived in 1884. Both areas expanded during roughly the same period of significance, but historically the Frog Level businesses were much more closely associated with the railroad industry in terms of serving as warehouses and wholesale centers. The first stopping place for tourists arriving in Waynesville was in Frog Level, with the livery businesses located there serving to carry visitors up the hill to the various inns and boarding houses. Frog Level businesses were different than most of those located along Main Street, and it was a commercial center in its own right.

The concentration of contiguous contributing buildings which comprise the historic district has changed only minimally from an architectural standpoint during the period of significance from ca. 1900 to 1949. These minimal changes include the addition of new materials and changing of historic configurations of a few of the storefronts, or application of modem materials which completely cover the facade, again only on a handful of the buildings. However, overall the area has retained its integrity in terms of architecture, setting, and its historical associations with the railroad and the commercial development it encouraged. Outside of the district to the southwest, southeast, and northeast is newer commercial development, with some newer residential areas located to the northwest.

A Compilation, Frog Level History of Buildings:

Water Street-north side:

19 Water St Waynesville NC19 Water Street. House. Contributing. ca.1900.

Commerce Street-north side:

10 Commerce St Then and Now10 Commerce Street. Armory/Farmers Federation. Contributing. ca.1915.

24 Commerce St Then and Now24 Commerce Street – ca 1905

40A Commerce St Then and Now40-A. Commerce Street. Commercial Building. Contributing. ca .. 1920.

40B Commerce St Then and Now40-B Commerce Street. Warehouse. Contributing. ca.1920.

66 Commerce St Then and Now66 Commerce Street. J. B. Henry Warehouse/Boyd Wholesale. Contributing. ca. 1920.

80 Commerce St Then and Now80 Commerce Street. C. G. Logan Motor Company. Contributing. ca. 1915.

Boundary Street-south side:

44 Boundary St Then and Now44 Boundary Street. North Carolina National Guard Armory. Contributing. 1936.

Depot Street-east side:

282 Depot St Then and Now282 Depot Street. Burgin’s Market. Contributing. ca. 1925.

270 Depot St Then and Now270 Depot Street. Commercial Building. Contributing. ca. 1935.

Vacant lot to the south

254 Depot St Then and Now254 Depot Street. Medford Furniture Company. Contributing. 1912.

244 Depot St Then and Now244 Depot Street. T. N. Massie & Son. Contributing. ca. 1900.

240 Depot St Then and Now240 Depot Street. Commercial Building. Contributing. ca. 1925.

237 Depot St Then and Now237 Depot Street. Cherokee Garage. Contributing. ca. 1920; altered 1940s.

Vacant lot to south, Depot Street–west side:

313 Depot St Then and Now313 Depot Street. Messer & Carswell Store and House. Contributing. ca.1920.

283 Depot St Then and Now283 Depot Street. R. L. Lee & Company. Contributing. ca. 1935.

275 Depot St Then and Now275 Depot Street. Livery Stable. Non-contributing. ca. 1905; altered ca. 1940.

267 Depot St Then and Now267 Depot Street. Commercial Building. Non-contributing. ca.1920.

263 Depot St Then and Now263 Depot Street. Commercial Building. Non-contributing. ca.1920.

Richard Creek Bridge Then and NowDepot Street. Richland Creek Bridge. Contributing. 1928.